Why can’t I always choose how I withdraw my funds?

To keep your money safe we have various measures in place when it comes to withdrawing funds.

If you have a single payment method linked to your account we will return the funds back to that same payment method. If you’re unable to withdraw to that payment method your withdrawal will be issued by bank transfer. We may ask you to send us some identification documents.

If you’ve used more than one payment method, for example, a credit card and Skrill (e-wallet), you will need to ask money back to the method which has the highest total amount deposited.

Example: You’ve made €100 worth of deposits from your Visa and €50 by Skrill. You’ve had a successful week and your balance is €500. You would like to withdraw €250. Your preferred method of Withdrawal is Skrill but before you can withdraw more than €50 back to Skrill you will need to withdraw €100 back to Visa. Once done you can withdraw €150 or more back to Skrill.

To simplify your withdrawal process we recommend the following:

  • Remove any inactive payment methods
  • Keep all credit and debit card details up to date
  • Have three or fewer payment methods on your Fansbet account